VCS to Showcase Deep Learning OCV, BottleScan 360 Barcode Reading System, and 3D Robotic Bin Picking at Automate 2019

At Automate 2019, Vision and Control Systems (VCS) will showcase its singular knack for rendering today’s most challenging automation applications into practical, cost-effective systems. Visit us at Booth 8218, where three live demos will illustrate the versatile and intuitive solutions we develop for difficult automation applications. We share a glimpse of each below:

Deep Learning
Reading, much less verifying poorly printed text, is difficult for conventional machine vision systems. VCS’s booth demo will underscore this challenge by reading characters printed on the bottom of bottles traveling along a conveyor. We raise the bar further by making sure characters are touching, skewed, or printed over mold marks on the bottles. To solve this challenge, VCS leveraged deep learning and optical character recognition (OCR) based on Cognex’s VisionPro ViDi learning-based image analysis software. Our solution tolerates deviation and unpredictable defects to find and verify characters, record pass/fails, and track failed images with a simple-to-use, off-the-shelf system.

360° Vision
Cylindrical packaging poses another difficult challenge for barcode readers, especially when the process involves high-speed production, small-diameter bottles, or both. Our solution, the BottleScan 360 reading-verification system, is at the center of another demo at our Automate booth. The system mounts several Cognex DataMan 362X barcode readers in a circle around a high-speed production line to enable accurate, cost-effective verification of barcodes printed on round containers moving at high speeds, regardless of bottle orientation.

3D Bin Picking
Robots excel at applications where it’s all about precision. Bin picking isn’t one of those applications. Enabling a robot to pick randomly ordered items from a bin remains one of the most challenging volume applications in automation — which is why VCS will highlight it in a third demo at Booth 8218. The solution we’re sharing at Automate will use 3D vision system and software to enable a FANUC robot arm to identify and pick individual bottle caps.

VCS is a leading full-service automation integrator with expertise encompassing machine vision systems, robotic systems, barcode and device verification systems, PLC and machine controls, and custom automation equipment. If you’re interested in learning more about how we solve these and other automation challenges, please stop by Booth 8218 or contact us anytime right here.

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